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Company profile

Company profile

Qingdao Xinfutai Industrial Corporation.,LTD. located in Chengyang district Qingdao,is a modern corporation with more than 20-year history in livestock equipment servicing.Its mainly business scope contains developing and processing of livestock equipment which can be simply divided into such scopes as feeding system,drinking system,egg nest system,ventilation system and controlling system.Longer history of development and processing had brought rich experience and technique to the corporation.Thus it can meet the different request of livestock equipment with reliable quali...


Our service advantage

Base on Honesty,Innovation and Dedication,Xinfutai had expanded its research & development system and service system together with quality. Elder experienced technicians being the leader,together with adult backbones doing research has been the mainly constitution of the R&D system. Duing this superior team.Xinfutai can provide all its systems with high quality,advanced technology and perfect service. 





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